May 25, 2024

How To Know Someone True Character or Personality

When we meet people for the first time we are usually tempted to make a snap judgment about them. We stereotype and kinda try to judge the person given whatever information we can get our hands-on. However, there is always a high probability of false judgment happening.

Well, generally it is never an easy thing to identify a person’s personality or character because some do change depending on the current situation.

Here are some of the most useful tips on how to know someone’s true character as well as yourself:

  • Ask and Listen.
    This involves asking questions and listen to what they say. When listening, however, listen with intent. Listen to every word, phrase, and sentence. Listen to the ups and downs of their tone of voice. Those things say a lot about someone’s true character or personality.
  • Ask and Observe.
    Ask very uncomfortable questions. Ask them with different tones. At different times. At different moods. Then, observe how the person you are asking reacts to your question. Observe how they look. Observe their body language as well as their facial expressions.
  • Do and Listen.
    Do something that you haven’t done in a while. Listen to how a person reacts to your actions.
  • Do and Observe.
    Do something that makes the other uncomfortable. I’m not suggesting that you do something evil. Be careful. Remember your sim is not to harm but getting to understand their character. Do them at different times and different moods. Then observe exactly how the other is reacting to it. Observe. Observe intently. Like a hawk does.

It is important to note that your own observations may not be enough to assume someone’s character. The individual whose actions and reactions are being analyzed, plays a major role in as much as identifying their personalities and character is concerned.

The little things that one do help in knowing their true character. Below are but some of those little things that can be of aid in identifying someone’s character or rather your own.

5 Little Things That Are Used To Judge Someone’s Character

  1. Handshake.

Strong handshakes indicates a strong and confident character, whereas weak handshakes indicate a lack of confidence and are almost always a characteristic of people who would look for an easy way to do things.

2. Empathy Score.

Just listen to how someone talks about the less fortunate in the society. What does the person say about the poor, people with disabilities etc. Do you notice any sign of compassion in their words and actions?

People with zero empathy rarely ask you or show any sign of concern about difficult moments or situations in your life neither do they care about relationships as well. They will only base the conversations around themselves. The opposite is true.

3. Tardiness.

In most cases, lateness is associated with disinterest, procrastination, laziness, or disrespect. A study done from a San Diego State University by Jeff Conte revealed that tardiness is typically seen in people who multitask or are high in relaxed Type B personality traits. Conte’s study found that Type B individuals are often late because they experience time more slowly than the rest of us.

The point here is not to read too much into people showing up late. It’s better to ask what’s behind it than to make assumptions and formulate a negative attitude towards the person.

4. Eye Contact.

Balance is a key to eye contact. Studies show that maintaining eye contact for roughly 60% of a conversation strikes the right balance and makes you come across as interested, friendly, and trustworthy.

It is equally true that eye contact reveals someone’s character. Good eye interaction with others suggests that you are confident in your abilities

5. The way they treat service staff.

The way someone treats people who work in retail, food service, and hospitality tells a lot about their character traits.

An employee is always expected to be nice to the customer because “the customer is always right.” Now, if you as a customer treats the person serving you poorly, it shows you have low integrity, empathy, and even self-respect. Someone with self-respect never has to act as if they’re above anyone.


The little things we do in life matters a lot and make a big difference. The first impression we make as well say a lot about us.

Learning how to read people is a psychological superpower, but it’s also a skill that anyone can pick up. It’s possible to glean a ton of information about others simply by paying attention.

Do you have more tips on how to know someone’s true character? Share in the comment section below.


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