May 25, 2024

Common Things You Should Know About INFJ Personality Type Socialization

This personality type is one of the rarest ever in the world. Their way of operation is not that easy to fathom. They can be complicated and hard to deal with at some point. This personality is dominated by introversion. INFJ’S behavior while socializing is a bit peculiar. Social isolation is common for them yet they want to break it at times.

Most of the time they remain silent, observing people or things happening around them. They live with their thoughts. They have a problem starting a conversation which in most cases makes it hard for them to socialize. They expect others to initiate a conversation. Unless it’s something appealing in others or something they are too much interested in sharing or talk about, they would rather remain silent.

You know what? INFJs are unique because they’re extroverted-introverts. Well, some are INFJ extremely introverted: They can stay home for a week or even more without socializing with people outside the house, able to do work without any companion, having fun to play in the theme park alone, etc.

Here is the challenging thing about this personality type. When they meet people, they actually ‘turn’ into an extrovert. They may have even started the conversation first when they think the ‘silent-awkward’ situation bothers them. They would rather be alone than being in an environment where there is an awkward kind of silence.

INFJs are naturally people pleasers and imitate people as well. They do this because they basically want to please people, love peace, and hate conflicts. By imitating people, they wish others will finally like them. And not that they don’t wish to differ with your opinion but they just love peace. Deep down in them, they wish they would speak out their heart buuuut, they love peace and they would rather go for peace. So they will end up agreeing with people because they do not want to fight and they desire to be liked by people.

It is like a double-edged-sword because an INFJ can be a better person by naturally imitating those good traits from a good person, or the worst thing, they could turn into a bad person by going out with a bad person.

INFJs love to talk about themselves but most of the time, other people can’t get what INFJs are trying to tell. It’s because INFJs have the most complicated thinking and are also the rarest among all MBTI types ever recorded. Those misunderstandings lead INFJs to be very closed people. They really want to talk about themselves to others, but they desperately already know that it gives no benefits to them, no one will understand. So it’s very common when you ask an INFJ, “How are you?” that they will answer with, “I’m fine!” Even if this INFJ is going through a very hard time at that moment.

Once they’ve found a person that can actually understand and is trustworthy to them, they will be very loyal to that person. They will be open to the person they trust. INFJs will care for those people more than themselves. Whether you are a parent, a teacher, a friend and or a stranger, that doesn’t matter, If INFJ likes something in you, he will find ways to come near you and try to mingle with you. Probably, he may sound like an extrovert at that particular period of time.

Socializing for INFJ isn’t difficult but they don’t prefer to do it in a conventional way. They choose to do it in their own way. Whenever you need them, you can count on them at number one( people do realize this lately). Whoever realizes never leaves.


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