April 17, 2024

10 Most Life Crucial Things We Learned In 2020

This year has been a tough one for everyone and as it comes to an end, it seems to be a relief to many. One of the common reasons being COVID-19 pandemic. Before we write the year off, let’s pause to think through some valuable lessons that many of us learned. 

Above all, I will move into 2021 knowing that I’m better than I was this time last year. Because when I look back on 2020, I’m struck with deep gratitude.

10 Life Lessons Learned From Corona Virus (COVID-19) Pandemic

  1. Everything can change overnight.
    None of us expected a hit by such a pandemic. Maybe we have been thinking that the days of great suffering are over, that we will not experience what the Rwandese experienced at some point or what most countries especially in Africa experienced during the colonial period.

    The fact is no one knows about the next second leave alone about tomorrow. If you are a believer like me, you know that this is the end times. Of course, I know you also know that even if you are not one of us.

    Amidst all the changes that we experienced during the Corona Virus pandemic, we have learned to embrace change and adjust accordingly.

  2. It’s okay to ask for help.
    In 2020 there were many cases of mental illness that were reported. This could probably be due to the unsuspected change brought about by the pandemic. Life was good and we were all blissfully unaware of the fact that our worlds would be completely turned upside down. 

    Most people have never dealt with mental hardships until this year, which really left many feeling lonely, isolated, and overwhelmed. It is not surprising that a number of people always struggle with asking (and accepting) help from others, but it has come out clearly this year that it’s okay to do both.

  3. We need community.
    The pandemic has made us realize the importance of what we have – Covid-19 had helped us to remember what we are grateful for, like family and friends.

  4. Learning new things.
    There are so many things I have wanted to learn in the past but put up barriers. I used this time to study and take up new hobbies. For example, I have started growing seedlings to plant in a vegetable garden this summer.

  5. Action is the antidote to fear.
    Sometimes you find yourself unable to pursue something just because of fear. If entertained for long this might end up being a ‘disease.’ One thing that I have seen most people overcoming is fear. Some have started businesses, youtube channels, ventured into new careers, and many more.

    If you are afraid of something or feeling anxious about something, always remember to acknowledge it and then do something with it—do the task you have been putting off because it scares you; direct your anxious feeling into an activity that’s stimulating or soothing (an activity that’s just distracting works too).
  6.  Small gestures.
    Sometimes in life, you do something that seems to be small to you but the receiver sees exactly the opposite. Maybe that is what they have been looking for and you happened to be the reason for their smile that day.

    During this pandemic period, most people found themselves in situations that they could not withstand or that they never thought they will be. The only thing they would wish for themselves is to be in a better position than they currently are or have someone who will extend their hand of kindness to them. Such acts have proven to make a lot of impact on people’s life.

    Make it a challenge that in 2021 going forward you will be that person that the one in need is expecting to meet someday.

  7. Work Preference.
    Before the COVID-19 pandemic, most people used to work from the office. Only very few people used to work from home, the likes of freelancers. However, when the pandemic hit the world it brought about the issue of lockdowns. With these lockdowns as a measure to lower the spread of COVID-19, most companies were forced to allow their employees to work from home.

    Different people reacted differently since we all have different tastes and preferences when it comes to the world of work. There are those that prefer going to the office and those that prefer working from home. But with COVID-19 most people ended up working from home.

    And it seems that working from home will be the future of most companies. From big companies like Google, IBM, Apple, SiteGround all the way to the small companies located in different parts of the world.

  8. We are social beings.
    At first glance, the lockdown was the introvert’s dream. There was no longer an antisocial element with missing out on various events, and you could even attend a black-tie affair in your sweatpants; all you needed was a nice-looking shirt and maybe a test of a tie and a Zoom link.

    But the lockdown was also one of the loneliest times for many people. It highlighted the universal need for social interaction. And when it was over, as people began having in-person visits with family and friends again, there was a newfound appreciation for face-to-face interactions previously lost in a social world gone virtual.

    Let’s not forget that initial excitement at seeing our family and friends in person again after months exclusively of virtual visits. We can hold onto the lessons learned while in lockdown by resolving to be fully present when spending time with those we love.
  9. Learn to appreciate even the little things.

    It’s so easy to complain about what’s happening out there, criticize the politics, dwell on what’s wrong, and feel frustrated with others supposedly in charge. But to be more introspective and closely examine our own growth during this upsetting time is both healing and fascinating to me, and perhaps a chance we’ll never have again.

  10. Rest.
    Most of us including myself have failed terribly n the sector of resting. We call ourselves workaholics. This time has helped me to allow myself though not fully, to rest and recharge. The curfews and lockdowns forced us to stay indoors (Not a big deal to some of us though) for almost the whole. At the end of the day, you feel different simply because you had enough time to rest and gain some energy to keep you going for the next days.

You may not always have a comfortable life and you will not always be able to solve all of the world’s problems at once but don’t ever underestimate the importance you can have because history has shown us that courage can be contagious and hope can take on a life of its own. — Michelle Obama

If you’re like me, you’ve been challenged in every way possible. This year has come at a great cost, but I’m a believer in optimism and I hope that you are too. Gratitude for the lessons I learned. For the darkness that helped me appreciate the light. And for the people who linked arms with me to walk through it.


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