May 25, 2024

Now That We Have To Stay in

I don’t know about you guys but then I have been in quarantine for like two weeks now and I am literally out of places to go to in the house. I have even realized that the shade of cream in the two-bedroom walls are different, in a place I have been in for like 3 months now. There is no corner left unturned if you know what I mean.

The funny thing is that normally, I am an indoors person. Like the kind of indoors person that stays in their room, on their bed unless challenged by hunger or a call of nature. All that I would do voluntarily. However, now that we have to stay inside, I even want to explore a different route to the mall that I always deem way too long to walk. Not that I even like walking in the first place, just because we have been told to stay in. I hate the darkness but I am tempted to go out at 1850 hrs. to see if the 1900 hrs. curfew is really being implemented. Humans really do like going against orders.

At first, I was not really scared about this whole epidemic. I mean, I barely watch news so I had no idea the number of people it was claiming lives from. I am a very logical person (or so I like to think) so I like working with facts and since I didn’t know any, I wasn’t shaken in the least. That was until a superstitious friend came and started blubbering about how we might not see each other again (deep sigh) and I had to do my research. I must agree that I was a little scared there for a minute.

I think many of us agree staying idle the whole day is quite tiresome but then again, free time can be utilized. Remember how they say, “An idle mind is the devil’s workshop?”

Well, we wouldn’t want that, yeah? So during this free time, there are a couple of things you could do:

  1. Learn to cook

With so much free time, you can try very many new and exotic recipes. Practice makes perfect. Be experimental. Cook stuff that even looks weird and hope they will taste better after it all. This is a good time for some of you bachelors to even learn how to cook something other than ugali. Try to make some lasagna, it won’t hurt. I know I want to know how to make good chapatis (look at you already judging me).

2. Read books

Pick up a reading culture. Read from novels, to comics to motivational books. Some of y’all have never even read a newspaper in your life and you are two decades or more or slightly less old. Reading is a good habit because it challenges your thinking in a way and makes you creative also. Read about various cultures, some are very interesting. Read about various religions, not to shake your faith but to learn to appreciate and respect them without judging.

3. Watch new movies

There are very many things I am sure you haven’t watched yet. If you are a “rom-com” person, for example, try Starwars or even Anime and see how you like it. Watch comedy cause it is a good way to pass time. You can even decide to watch movies from 1960 so you get to appreciate technology. Black and white movies really require dedication and will to finish (you will very much appreciate pixels). I have this weird obsession with series that have something to do with medicine so I am currently watching The Good Doctor, Private Practice and The Resident. Pretty interesting but if you have haemaphobia (fear of blood), do steer clear of them.

4. Exercise

There is literally nothing that is done better when idle than eating. Maybe it’s different for you guys but as far as I am concerned, I take at least 6 meals. Not heavy, just light enough to keep my jaws as busy as possible. After this quarantine is done, I would have added quite some weight, hopefully (it’s quite hard for me) but then again we want to look good in our pre-quarantine clothes so do some sit-ups, run a bit, skip rope, do some press-ups, invest in some squats. In short, do something to keep your weight in check.

5. Learn to paint or draw

Venture into new things. Try stuff you have never thought you’ll have time to do. Try out doing that advanced Excel, learn how to play an instrument. Even learn to paint or draw. As embarrassing as this may sound, as old as I am, the furthest I can go as far as drawing is concerned is those stick diagrams and the lines aren’t even as straight. I always had problems with my biology teacher because unless I traced, I wouldn’t draw. ‘Till today, I have empty spaces in the bones chapter that I never intend to draw EVER in my life.

In short, do try something new during this period. You have nothing to lose but everything to gain. And please do stay in and save lives. I have stuff I really want to do in June and I think you too want that. I want to get out of this period and see y’all healthy although I will neither shake your hand nor hug you but I promise to smile the widest and wave from a distance (haha). Be safe really, take the precautions (it’s kind of on a selfish note because I want you all to keep reading this blog (kidding)) all for a greater good.

Until later lovelies. Be safe.

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  1. She never disappoints. I think it’s time to get that movie and try to watch till the end.
    I am in love with the article

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