May 26, 2024

How Well Are You Utilizing Your Twenties

So today is a special day to me, I couldn’t do anything much as far as throwing a party is concerned (I wouldn’t do it anyway). Social distancing is a priority during this COVID19 pandemic that has hit the world. No one would risk his safety at the expense of celebrating a birthday.

But wait who said that a celebration is all about a party? If you hold on to that you are lost. You better start looking for your way back to the right track.

Don’t take me seriously anyway. Uniqueness is something everyone desires to have if given an opportunity to open up.

Having said that, today I decided to share with the world some nice tips that can help you in your twenties. So here we go. See you at the end!

Here are a number of things you should know and practice in your twenties

  1. Accept and love yourself

Most people especially in the current generation struggle with self-esteem. There is a lot of pressure to be successful, someone who is perfect. No one is perfect anyway. Treat yourself as you would treat a friend or a colleague. When experiencing difficulties, encourage yourself.

Research indicates that this will make you more successful because you’re learning from your missteps, instead of just berating yourself for them.

2. Learn about your weaknesses and turn them into strengths

Do not feel ashamed of your weakness. We all have weaknesses. Think of your weaknesses as a “competitive advantage.” It’s something both Michael Phelps and Winston Churchill learned to do.

For Phelps, having a somewhat awkward body type made him a pretty bad runner and dancer — but it also made him an incredible swimmer. For Churchill, being paranoid meant that he was once “deemed unsuitable for the highest offices” — but it also meant he recognized Hitler as a threat to the world.

Figure out what makes you ungrateful, and turn it into the thing that makes you grateful.

3. Don’t be hard on yourself, forgive yourself

Hating and cursing yourself over past failures won’t change what happened, it will just leave you sore from being kicked so much. Give up on your past and focus on your future. Own who you have been so it doesn’t own you.

We all make mistakes in this journey of life but what differentiates us is how we handle our past mistakes. So wake up shake the dust and move on. You deserve better than leaning on your past.

Learn to love the flawed, imperfect things that you create, and to forgive yourself for creating them. Regret doesn’t remind you that you did badly — it reminds you that you know you can do better.”

4. You are unique

Never ever make a mistake of comparing yourself to others. In the social media age, it is tempting to beat yourself up if your friends are getting married, having kids, and living a life of luxury. Do not hurt yourself in the name of trying to be like someone else.

Research suggests that comparing yourself to others is pretty pointless. That’s because, from the outside, people can seem a lot happier and less troubled than they really are.

5. For Heaven sake avoid debts at any cost

One of the biggest mistakes that you can make in your life as a millennial is to indulge in debts.

In Swahili we say, “Kukopa harusi, kulipa matanga.”

6. Take care of your body

Do not let weight catch back up with you, neither should you ignore any dental problems. One of the most important gifts that God has given to us is good health. As a good steward, you ought to take good care of them.

It is much easier and more convenient to manage your weight when you’re younger because we tend to be less active as we age.

7. Build up healthy friendships

There is more to life than being a lone ranger. Friends can and will always help you in very many ways. A life with friends is very different from a life without friends.

That being said, don’t be afraid to end some friendships especially the toxic ones. Fair weather friends are not worth your time. Stay loyal to those that truly matter and invest your time with them.

8. Learn new skills

If there is a time that you can learn new stuff is in your twenties. You have access to most resources, you are still strong mentally and very innovative.

Learning a new skill helps you be a great and admirable decision-maker since it will boost your confidence, help you to rationalize your view.

9. Read books

Someone once said, if you never read you just live one life, but if you read you’ll live many different lives.

Reading books is equal to traveling around the universe in the school of thought. You will get an opportunity to read and understand the minds of great people that you only hear about but have never met them in person.

Happy birthday to me and all those that we share birthdays together!


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