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WhatsApp is a freeware messenger that allows its users to text, chat, and share media – including voice messages and video, with individuals or groups without forgetting Video calling, and sharing statuses on one’s WhatsApp wall. It is said to be the most popular messenger app in the world.

This application is suit to be used anywhere or on any platform whether it is on PC or Smart Phones. In 2014, Facebook bought WhatsApp application for approximately 19.3 billion dollars. As you read this, the usage is over 50 percent of the world’s population.

WhatsApp status

Status means a state, one could refer to it as social status, emotional status, financial status, health status, educational status, marital status, mental status, relationship status, name them.

Whatsapp status is a way of sharing one’s thoughts, views/opinions or believes through the form of image, text or video. Although this facility was not included at the starting of WhatsApp, later after being bought by Facebook this new feature was included in 2017. But its popularity increased in spite of being rumors of people’s downgrading interest. The WhatsApp status feature is what led to increased popularity and usage.

In the current generation, it has become a way of indirectly telling your contacts about your mindset – from thoughts through to excitements. Sometimes people do express their ambitions, share some inspirational thoughts or quotes, advertise products or their business, express their love feelings and sharing Bible verses. Some use this platform as a medium of an indirect message in many relationships that have been broken due to arguments, fights – I hope that you do not get to such a point.

Generally, we are much attracted to showcase our own thoughts with each other – our friends, relatives and those on our contact lists, in one way or the other get influenced by what we share. Some get encouraged by the messages their friends post, and of course, frustrations may not be exempted here.

Whatsapp paves a way for us to connect socially with most people on our contact list. It actually has become a conversation starter corner with either an emoji or words such as “nitumie hii” to mean ‘send me this,’ et al. Most of us have been victims of such at one point.

By using Whatsapp Status, you definitely enjoy the process of unfolding what’s going in your mind by sharing images, texts, gifs and mostly videos on the status section. Generally, it is like another status of Facebook, lasting for 24hrs only.
For most people, it has been their general duty to share their mind’s thoughts with each other. isn’t it?

There is diversity between an individual’s belief system, levels of understanding, lack of communication or communication gap and various other factors including the user’s personality. We cannot arrive at conclusions whether the person who shares status posts is seeking attention or information or mentally ill. What one human thinks about the other based on a status share is totally subjective.

Despite the excitement that it carries along with it, it is important to note that screen to screen interface might cause miscommunication, this is why, social platforms on the internet such as WhatsApp is also a breeding ground for passive anger, hate, misinterpretations, intolerance, and cyber blocking especially if not used appropriately.

What we as humans ought to keep in mind, is to practice compassion and be resourceful. Therefore, I beseech you to use socializing platforms to connect compassionately, to empower, learn and communicate. Do not neglect face to face interactions with friends or relatives at the expense of social media.


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