May 25, 2024

Do not chase after happiness

Yes! You should not be chasing after happiness in your life. I know that you are already thinking, “What is she even talking about? We deserve to be happy, right?” My answer to that is, “Yes! You deserve all the happiness in the world.” It may be contradicting so far but I will try to clear the air.

We are in an era where we consider the right person is someone who is happy. People want to hang out with someone who is happy and oozes positivity at all times. There is nothing wrong with that, it is right to want to associate with happy and positive people. It means that they will give you positive energy and that is nice.

I am right to assume that everyone wants a friend. No one wants to be lonely even when he prefers to be alone. It feels nice to know there is someone in the background who truly cares about you. It is a default setting of some sort as humans. What happens? You obviously want to make that person happy at all times. It is only natural. What I do not agree is putting up a false happy facade even when you know deep down you are not happy.

You see, we have been forced to believe that we should be happy and embrace positivity fiercely at all times regardless of the situation. We think it is our sole responsibility to make a positive perceptive to even the most gruesome situation there is. Do not get me wrong, I am not asking you to be negative in any way but we ought to be practical, right?

If we are being very honest with ourselves, we will agree that it is not easy to be positive at all times. There are situations where we just have to be a little negative. What do I say? That is totally allowed! You are allowed to feel like being negative. If there is one thing that we were blessed with is the power to feel. That power to feel every single emotion and it is very far away from being wrong. It makes you human.

Most people think emotions make you seem weak, vulnerable even. However, emotions make you, you. It is okay to want to be happy at all times but sometimes it is good to just sit down and feel. Allow yourself to feel every single emotion: sadness, happiness, anxiousness name it all. You have every right there is to feel something different from happiness and no one should judge you for that. It is not wrong to put a strong front but be true to yourself at the same time.

Everyone is chasing after happiness everywhere. People think they ought to be happier than how they are now. What happens? They look for more money, buy expensive clothes, and hang out at magnificent hotels, all in search of happiness. Need I remind you that all the efforts bear no fruits? One thing that happens is that when you struggle and work so hard to look for happiness, it becomes elusive. You become unhappy because you are so fixated on looking for happiness you will not appreciate where you are now.

Why are you looking for happiness? You have happiness just as you are only that you are so blinded to see it. A certain song says, “We cannot tell the future now. We just chase the beauty of the world we know.” Just like the saying goes, “Tomorrow will take care of itself.”

Appreciate where you are now, be happy with what you have, even just be happy you are alive and healthy. Allow yourself to feel it all (even use it as an excuse to eat unhealthy a little bit), you are allowed to. You do not owe anyone to be happy at all times. We all have struggles.

Do not chase after happiness. Happiness is right there where you are. You only need to look closer.

4 thoughts on “Do not chase after happiness

  1. So I was wrong all this time with my understanding of happiness , but some sense has been made to me on reading the article. That we should be happy with whatever we have and what surrounds us. Just being satisfied with whatever we have.
    Thanks Kazupa and your team.

    1. You are most welcome Virginia.
      Thank you for reading through to the end and for the feedback.
      Stay tuned for more.

  2. You are right on point.
    There is a reason we were created with all these emotions and so we should not escape them but embrace them.

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